Senin, November 25, 2013

"Then, in the bridge of the song, we get into this fight. A bad fight. At that point, I think that it's going to end like every other relationship I've been experienced or seen. It's like everything's falling apart and it's not gonna work out. And then, he...........just won't let her go. Won't let her leave. Convinced her that it's gonna last. He kisses her. At that moment, it all starts flash forward, even further in time. Getting married, then I'm pregnant, having kids, I'm jumping on the bed with my two boys, reading with the second boy, running in the beach, I'm getting the one boy ready for soccer practice. Oh my God, we have two kids it's so great! And then, it flashes back from the moment we met, realize that we could see all of it from there. Isn't that cute?"  - Taylor Swift in Behind The Scene "Mine" video clip :)
I can see it now...............hehe.
Selamat ulang bulan yang kesebelas. I love you more :-)

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