Because my morning is your night, and my night is your day.

Jumat, Maret 01, 2013

How can I see you when you are miles away,
I would if I could but I can't though I want to,
My morning is your night and my night is your day,
There are so many ways but them I cannot do.

I shouldn't have told you the love I feel,
You shouldn't have fallen for me,
Because you might think I am not real,
For your face I cannot even see.

Though I lucid dream tonight,
We still cannot embrace each other,
I'd love to kiss you and imprison you in my sight,
But our worlds are walled and covered.

I want to believe that you have faith,
You have a faith that I believe,
I have no idea if you could wait,
Or it is my trust you will deceive.

The only bridge from my world to your world,
Is this window in my table,
And when the sun sleeps, love unfurls,
I would rip this window if I am able.

Come closer so I could see your eyes,
I want to know if I am inside,
Let us break the walls and melt the ice,
Run through that fog and hide.
(Originally from: here)

P.S: LDR sucks. And to plus it with 7 hours different timezone is double sucks, right? Come home, soon.

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  1. Permisi sist, numpang ngakak yaa....... ROTFL hihihihihihi