Beats Apart

Minggu, Agustus 05, 2012

Beats Apart adalah project menulis dari Alanda Kariza dan Kevin Aditya. Project ini dimulai dari 8 Mei dan setiap harinya mereka bergantian menuliskan cerita selama sebulan. Beats Apart bercerita tentang dua karakter, dikisahkan dari sudut pandang karakter itu masing - masing. Disini ada dua sudut pandang, yaitu sudut pandang M si cowok, dan F si cewek. "One man. One woman. Their feelings intertwined. Their heart beats apart." Gue mengikuti cerita ini dari awal banget gara - gara baca dari tweetnya Alanda Kariza. Dan abis itu setiap harinya selalu menunggu kelanjutan ceritanya. Karena kan satu hari, satu cerita. Sekarang sih ceritanya udah selesai. Tapi pingin ngeblog tentang ini aja haha. Kalo mau baca ceritanya full, cek cek Beats Apart!

"You perfectly know that I’ll never be tired of loving you. Even so, let me tell you, I’m fucking tired of being in pain." - F (Strangers)

" Because meeting her was a memorable accident, and you were the collateral damage."
"What are you doing at this very moment? When can I escape you?" - M (Devoid)

"But, if Dad were still around, he would always keep me away from jerks like you, who plays with hearts as if they are yoyos."
"Sometimes I wonder: have you given up on us?" - F (Desserts)

"Our relationship is like a game and I have not dealt all my cards. You have only seen my low cards. There are plenty of things you don’t know about me; yet you thought you knew. That’s where I will win. You thought you knew everything."
"Want to know what’s better than lying? It would be hiding so much stuff yet having everyone always trusting what you say. And I have made you trust me that way."
"Even so, it was true when people say I might seem stupid when it comes to loving you." - F (Justified)

"Being far from you has been quite challenging, but it has versed me plentiful things. If being myself hurts me too much, I might have to be quite like you. Talk less, reason more. Think less, do more." - F (Moving)

"You. You would make a good company."
"Am I expecting you? The air around me is full of self-denial." - M (Yearning)

"Though your ”I love you” was more of a murmur than a solid statement, it left me standing on a thread. As if, if I were lucky enough, I could get to somewhere pretty. If not, I would just be fallen. Forgotten. Forever. "
"What I thought I could conceive about love was that we can never love more than one person with the same level of strength at the same time."

"How could you be ecstatically happy being in my vicinity; and at the same time, worry so much about how she would feel knowing about our happiness? How could you stroke my hair so affectionately while reading American Gods before we go to bed; and a few seconds later, seemed very much hurt reading her messages on your phone?"

"Was your “I love you” only a test? The four-letter word always puzzles me. And you. You, will always be a concept I could never unravel. " - F (Words)

" What is important is that you are mine and I am yours and she is out of the equation." - M (Intersection)

".....but I can never be sure how much of the words spoken from your mouth speaks truth." - M (Recuperate)

"Once you break someone’s trust, your second chance is on their mercy, not yours."
"What happens in the past doesn’t even need to stay in the past. What happens in the past should just wither and die and forgotten." - M (Even)

"You might be what I want, but how can one survive if she only fulfills what she wants instead of what she needs?" - F (Desideratum)

"But you reminded me so, dear, that life is no fantasy; and nothing gold can stay. " - F (Resilience)

"If I were to lose you today, am I ready?" - M (Awe)

"Have you ever heard of the “zsa zsa zsu”? It is a term popularized by Bradshaw, if you have seen the series, to define the state of a human’s body when the hormone called norepinephrine is being produced. It basically is the hormone that usually increases the rate of human’s heartbeat, releases glucose, and increases blood pressure when he or she is in love." - F (Flown)

Itu tadi beberapa quotes yang gue kutip dari Beats Apart huahaha. Dan maaf banget, izinkan gue untuk ngepost bagian terakhir dari Beats Apart. Spoiler parah sih buat kalo yang belum baca. Tapi gue suka banget aaaaaa unyu parah. Akhirnya mereka bicara berdua dari hati ke hati, setelah selama ini dalam pikiran mereka masing - masing. Nih nih percakapannya :)))


  • F: So, what now?
  • M: It's only you and me now. That is the only thing that matters.
  • F: Why didn't you look for me much earlier? We would have had much more time compared to what we have now.
  • M: I had my own doubts... And surely you had yours. I was questioning a lot of things. Being away from you helped me find the answers.
  • F: Were you? What kind of answers have you found?
  • M: What I want. What I need. Who I have to pour my heart to.
  • F: I don't know what we will be... but indeed your presence comforts me.
  • M: Was there anyone else comforting you since we parted?
  • F: In my mind, you have never left after all. Not even a step out of spine.
  • M: know. I kind of hope this plane would fly forever, but I guess Brazil is warmer than this flying fridge. My hands are cold already.
  • F: Do you think people fall in to and out of love because of happenstances?
  • M: There can be no love without coincidence. I am not a believer of planned infatuation. You have to go through every pain to see if they are really worth loving.
  • F: Love seems like a scary concept if in order to possess it one ought to inevitably suffer in pain...
  • M: It's not always the case. But like the saying goes, you wouldn't know what you've got until it's gone, right?
  • F: ...and that if it hurts, it's probably worth it.
  • M: Did it hurt?
  • F: If it did not hurt, I would not be leaning against your chest at the moment as if there was no tomorrow. Yet, if it had hurt me a little too much, I would not bear being around you this close.
  • M: Indeed. I can't afford letting the chance to return to you slip past me once again. I can't see you being apart from me once more. This time it's the heart really talking.
  • F: Would you like to have more stories together?
  • M: I wouldn't mind doing anything, but I'd put my emphasis on 'together'.
  • F: Even if I am being utterly unreasonable about things? Such as, wanting to be with you perpetually?
  • M: Even if. Are you sure you would ever be more unreasonable than me - impulsively getting away with you to a city miles away from here?
  • F: I sure am. The farthest distance I would like to have with you from now on is a heartbeat away, if you don't mind.
  • M: I was thinking of ways for our hearts to beat together, actually. Would it be possible? Though a heartbeat away is probably the farthest I could handle. You know, I would not mind exploring your idea. A heartbeat away, isn't it? You and me?
  • F: A heartbeat away, it is. You and me.
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