A Boy of Excuses

Jumat, Juli 27, 2012

"You are not a man of reasons.
You're just a boy of excuses
Of which, is reflected, trough every action you take,
every step you have made,
every preference you have chosen over something else.
A boy who always disguise his excuses by saying, 'I'm being reasonable.'
A boy who never knows what he wants.
A boy who pretends to have grown up, but can never make his own choices...."
- Strangers, Beats Apart

Perasaan saya udah sering bilang, "Kamu udah gede, harus tau apa yang kamu mau."
Stop giving me excuses. Saya nggak mau denger lagi.
Take all of your words. All of your shits.

By the way, thankyou for everything.

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