How About 'See you, soon'?

Jumat, April 15, 2011

Remember this guy? After knowing (.....or stalking?) him for (approximately) 5 months, I know that my feeling is true. He is really a good guy. He is the one I never regret to fall in love with. I'm so glad finally I fell in love with a right person, although he had to come in the wrong time. You know what? I always cried for boys, yes. But I think there was a difference: I cried for the boys in my past because of their attitudes that hurt me so much, but with him -- I cried for him because I really wanted to be with him and knew that I could not make it true.

So here I am, I should end this story. 'Gantung'. Without any single word from you and me. "The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said, but the heart already knows it's over." Yeah, that's true.
By the way, I'm letting you go is because I have to go, not because I want to let you go. I don't wanna see you, is not because I want it that way, but because I cannot see you again.

Aha, like I said.

P.s: I don't wanna say goodbye to you, because goodbye means forgetting. How about 'See you, soon'?

Oh iya, kalo bisa, jangan ganti motor ya. Motor, helm, bahkan cara lo naik motor itu dengan gaya JJS lo itu udah khas banget. Jadi kalo misalnya ketemu di jalan, gue bisa tau itu lo...........

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