Fabregas may have Broken Leg ;( ;(

Jumat, April 02, 2010

"I am not good. We have to wait for tomorrow, but I hope I can wear the Arsenal shirt again this season. I fear the worst, which is that I have broken something. I do not think it is going to be good news, but still I hope there will be. When I took the penalty, I was quite strong, but after when I went to get the ball, I could not walk any more. It is the fibula. I think I put my leg between Puyol's when I was fouled, and kicked it."

Percaya atau nggak, gue nangis baca artikel diatas. Apa dia bilang? Dia harap dia bisa make baju Arsenal sampe akhir season ini. Itu artinya kemungkinan dia nggak bisa ikut sisa musim ini, dan yang paling terburuk.....Nggak bisa ikut World Cup! Masya Allah itu kan udah gue tunggu2, kalo dia ga maen mah ya apa artinya piala dunia buat gue. Gue dukung Arsenal ya karena ada Fabregas, gue dukung Spanyol ya juga karena dia. Tapi ada kabar yang bikin seneng juga nih:

Arsenal Confirm Fabregas Broken Leg

by David on April 1, 2010

Arsenal confirmed today that Cesc Fabregas has suffered a small crack in his right fibula and will miss the rest of the season.

His expected recovery period is at least six weeks which means he may still be able to participate in this summer’s World Cup -----> AMIN!!!

We wish Cesc a full and speedy recovery. Arsenal will really miss him. ---> I'll miss him too!

"Theo made such a difference. He went behind them. He created a lot of problems and I think he was the best player. We were dead at 2-0. You could never imagine we could come back. In the first half we never saw the ball. You thought you were going to get the ball then they changed sides. In the second half they scored two great goals but we had great spirit and comeback. Not everyone does that against a side like them. Overall it was an amazing experience and an amazing game. I will remember it for the rest of my life. My injury makes it bad but I think I would have done it anyway without being injured before."

Ya ampun, masih bisa ya ngomong kaya gitu. Lo juga Pahlawannya kali HAHAHAHA. Get well soon, Fab! I'll pray for youuuuuuu. Aku menunggumu kembali bermain dan sehat seperti sedia kala ;)

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