The Ten Signs that You May Be a Half-Blood

Minggu, Maret 07, 2010

1. You have suspicions that at least one of your teachers may not be human.
2. You have been tested for, and diagnosed with, ADHD.
3. You have been tested for, and diagnosed with, dyslexia.
4. Odd events have occurred which you cannot explain.
5. You often experience déjà vu.
6. At times it seems unlikely that your father or your mother is really your parent.
7. One or more of your friends doesn’t seem quite normal.
8. When you are alone, you have a strange sensation of being watched or followed, although no one is there.
9. Your dreams are different from those of your friends and you seem to be able to control what happens in them, or you experience a particularly vivid recurring dream.
10. You suffer from irrational fears of phobias, for example, being afraid of heights, water, the dark, or spiders.

(from PercyJacksonquotes)

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