Your Face

Kamis, Januari 21, 2010

I heard a song tonight on the radio
Another girl sings about a boy

She sees his face in every space,
Every room and I know
That if I turn around you won't be there
If I close my eyes will you be there?

I don't want to lose your face
And I don't want to wake up one day and not remember what time erased
I don't want to turn around
Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't want to lose your face

I've got a picture of you in my bedroom
And I hope it never falls

I hope I never lose that feeling
I used to get when you called
And then I wondered to myself
Who were you, where are you
Were you ever here at all

That girl in the song had it so good
I wish I could close my eyes and see you
I wish the sky had your face
And the oceans had your eyes
And the sunset had your lips
And I had you

I don't wanna lose your face
I don't wanna turn around

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