i'm totally obsessed with you

Jumat, Juni 19, 2009

If I had the guts, I'd pull you aside and tell you this: I think you're amazing. 

I'd tell you that I'm totally obsessed with you, to the point that I can't concentrate on other things. I think only about you and fear I've missed any chance I have. 

I'd tell you that you're the kind of person who, when he enters the room, makes my guts lurch and my mind race - and my tongue unable to articulate the words that I am now writing. 

I'd tell you that I think you're such a positive force that it's overwhelming. That your outlook on the world is one I aspire to have. That you have it all together. You're everything I wish I were. 

I'd tell you I wanted so badly to kiss you the other night but couldn't figure out how. 

And I'd cap it all with the fact that despite all that I said, I have no expectations. I just want you to know.

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